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Single-Day Bathroom Remodeling in the Chicago, IL Area

Single-Day Bathroom Remodeling in the Chicago, IL Area

Get the Bathroom of Your Dreams With Bath Maxx

You can get the bathroom of your dreams in just one day with the help of Bath Maxx’s bathroom remodeling experts in the Chicago, Illinois area. We make the entire remodeling process fast and affordable without cutting corners when it comes to quality. When you come to us, we assign you a personal design consultant. They will help you cultivate the style and aesthetic of your new bathroom, picking out materials, colors, and accessories. Once the work starts, we can completely transform your bathroom in a single day of work. Schedule your design consultation today!

Bathtub Replacement
Full Bathroom Remodel
Bath-to-Shower Conversion
Commercial, HOA, & Apartments
Bathroom Accessories

Enjoy the Long-Term Benefits of Your New Bathtub or Shower

It is common for homeowners to use the same bathtub or shower for a decade or longer. So, you want to ensure that your new bathroom fixtures are made to last. We use the highest quality products and help you select the most durable materials. A manufacturer’s lifetime warranty covers every system we install. This guarantees that your newly installed system is free of defects and flaws.

white tile shower wall

The Bath Maxx Remodeling Process

The Bath Maxx team offers a comprehensive list of bathroom remodeling services, from full-bathroom remodels to commercial bathtub replacement. No matter what type of services we are performing, we always follow a strict process to ensure high-quality results. Our process includes:

  • Design Consultation: A design consultant will help you plan your bathroom remodel. This often includes a home visit to take measurements and assess your space. Once complete, they will give the plans to our installation team.
  • One-Day Installation: A team of professional bathroom installation experts comes to your home to perform the work. We almost always complete the job in a single day!
  • Finishing Touches: We place the right accessories to accent the style of your newly remodeled bathroom. This includes showerheads, towel racks, shower doors, and more.
bath/shower walls

Discover the Bath Maxx Advantage

The foundation of the Bath Maxx Advantage is high-quality craftsmanship and friendly service, but it’s more than just that. When you choose our bathroom remodeling team, you get access to contractors with various types of expertise. We can convert tubs to showers, including a built-in seat if you want. We can affordably renovate your space with tub and wall liners that make it look brand new. We can even install luxurious and accessible walk-in tubs with an optional whirlpool feature!

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