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Bath Maxx’s Bathtub Liner Installation Services

Rejuvenating your old tub has never been easier than with a sleek and stylish bathtub liner. Bath Maxx offers professional bathtub liner installation services in the Chicago, Illinois area. We can perform these bathtub transformations in just one day! When we install a bathtub liner, we use your existing tub as the foundation and place a new surface over it. This process gives you the benefits of a brand-new tub without the hassles of removing your existing one. This is often an appealing option for those who need to replace several bathtubs in a hotel, apartment, or commercial property.

We’ll Transform Your Home

The Benefits of Using a Bathtub Liner

Property owners love remodeling their bathtubs with bathtub liners for several reasons. Primarily, liners are the most durable and affordable way to remodel your bathtub, allowing you to use your budget on other aspects of your bathroom remodeling project. Some people choose liners because they require no heavy construction and minimal plumbing work. The other benefits of bathtub liners include:

  • Affordability
  • Fast installation
  • Easy to clean
  • Several color and texture options
  • Long-lasting durability
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We’ll Transform Your Home

Ideal for Apartments, Hotels, & Commercial Properties

If you need to remodel all the bathtubs in an apartment or hotel, you should consider the advantages of using bathtub liners for the project. The savings add up quickly when you compare liners to the cost of replacing each tub. On top of that, liners can be installed quickly, offering minimal disruption to your business or residents. Let us help your business thrive by turning every bathtub in your building into somewhere every guest wants to soak and relax.

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Bath Maxx has the best pricing around. Researched many companies and Mark really knows his stuff. They were in and out and picked up after themselves. Wonderful Experience.

Elizabeth S

Tampa, FL

I love my custom bathtub.  Bath Maxx was professional and courteous.   I can't wait to do my next one!


Tampa, FL

Excellent service. Friendly and courteous staff. Shower redo was same day and looked amazing! Highly recommend these folks.

March S

Tampa, FL

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